Upcoming Events

Apr 21
All City Music Festival Springfield Public Schools
Apr 24
Illinois Symphony Orchestra Concert for Kids In The Orchestra Moves, students are guided through an exporation of melody in music.
Apr 24
UIS Music Spring Showcase
Apr 28
To Kill a Mockingbird A sleepy, southern town confronts difference and justice through the eyes of six-year-old Scout.
May 02
The Lincoln Train - Illinois Symphony Orchestra Celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln in Earl Robinson’s The Lonesome Train, a musical illustration of Lincoln’s Funeral Train. Ride the rails with Honegger’s masterful depiction of a steam train in Pacific 231, Copland’s spike-driving John Henry, and George Gershwin’s beloved Suite from Porgy and Bess. An event not to be missed as part of the 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition re-enactment commemoration!